I Have a Capsule Wardrobe, but These Party Pieces Lured Me In

Stephanie Squadrito

When it comes to shopping for party dresses, I tend to hold back. I like to plan my wardrobe and buy minimalist pieces I can wear over and over again, whereas shopping for specific events can sometimes lead to impulse purchases I'll only live to regret. But lately, I'm starting to rethink my ways. 

While I stand by my wardrobe of basics and timeless pieces, when it comes to events—say a work Christmas party or New Year's Eve—I'm often found with nothing exciting to wear. After all, it's not exactly fun to go to an amazing summer party in the same black dress you've worn to every other event in 2018. So, this party season, I'm going to branch out and purchase a party outfit people will remember me by. 

Keep scrolling to shop 6 fun dress-and-shoe pairings I'm mulling over, but be prepared—there's not a skerrick of black in sight.

lilac bows + rainbow straps

Rebecca Valance Dahlia Mini Dress ($499)

pink silk + diamontes

Silk Laundry 90s Silk Slip Dress ($240)

Nina Gerri ($190)

green florals + red leather

Alice McCall To Lover Dress ($390)

Manning Cartell Strapped In Heels ($200)

bright green + gold block heels

Bec & Bridge Tropicana Midi Dress ($340)

Doraytemur Integra Sandals ($650)

metallic slip + metallic sandals

Georgia Alice Hils Dress ($570)

pink velvet + barely-there gold

Stella McCartney Faux Mirrored-Leather Mules ($770)

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