I Always Plan My Summer Wardrobe In Winter—Here's What I'm Buying Now

Stephanie Squadrito

Is it just me, or is this winter really taking its time? While I love wearing cosy coats and ankle boots throughout the chilly season, I'm a summer baby through and through. I love the ocean, the hot nights out and simply not having to wear layers. And though it might seem early to start prepping my summer wardrobe, hear me out: There's only one month left of winter, and before we know it we'll be in our swimmers all over again. 

I'd love to be that girl with truly effortless style, but I also love to prepare my wardrobe months in advance and curate a certain aesthetic. Call me a dork, but I find it relaxing to create mood boards of my dream outfits—not to mention a great way to while away the hours spent hibernating in front of the heater. But rather than just plan my outfits, I truly plan my wardrobe, in the hopes that each piece will be worn over and over again. Shopping mindfully in this way helps me figure out my personal style, helps me stick to a budget (I judge everything on a cost-per-wear basis), and it stops me from making those horrible, ill-informed panic-purchases at the last minute. 

Each season I start the process by taking stock of what I already have, and figure out the extra pieces I'm going to need for the season ahead. I've already got plenty of wide-leg jeans, plain tees and sandals in my wardrobe, so I'm updating it with fresh pieces that I know will look on-trend this summer, but will probably last me until the next one, too. How do I know what will be on trend? I follow over 2000 accounts on Instagram, with many of them being from the US or Europe, and you can be certain that what they're wearing now, we'll be wearing here in Australia in six months time.

So far, I've narrowed my summer aesthetic down to five key pieces. From feminine tops to gold earrings, here are the pieces I'm going to be shopping in the lead up to summer, along with the Instagram saved collection that inspired them. 

Opening images: @chloechill, @nadsirose@withjean

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