Take a Look Back at the World's Original Street Style Stars

Lauren Payne

As another year draws to a close, we've started to look back on the biggest trends of 2018 and the street style looks that launched them. But we thought it also might be fun to go back even further and remind ourselves of who the OG street style stars are, and what they've done since they were photographed at their first fashion week shows.

From designers, tech innovators and brand consultants, these women have come a long way and have accomplished amazing things, so as 2018 draws to a close,  take a walk down memory lane with us as we look at where the original street style stars are now. 

Rumi Neely 


Getty Images 

Rumi Neely is one of our favourite original fashion bloggers. After launching Fashion Toast in 2008, she gained a large following for her simple style and regular blogging. She then became a fashion week regular and 10 years later, Neely now has her own label, Are You Am I and continues to publish work on her website. 

Caroline Issa 

Eva Chen 

Giovanna Battaglia

Chiara Ferragni

Nicole Warne 

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