The 5 Denim Styles Australian Girls Can't Stop Buying


Cotton On

Denim is a go-to any time of year, but its role in our wardrobes becomes even more pronounced as temperatures begin to dip. Because we find ourselves opting for jeans time and time again, we’re always looking for fresh new styles to incorporate into our rotation. Don’t get us wrong, we love a flattering skinny jean; but when denim is such a major player in our outfit choices, we can’t resist the urge to mix things up every now and then.

To figure out which denim trends are worth testing, we decided to take a look at which styles are popular right now. There's no opinion as loud as the public opinion, right? So we reached out to Cotton On to see which styles Australian fashion girls are shopping right now, and there were some definite gems in the mix. An affordable option for fashion girls on a budget, Cotton On stocks both classic fits as well as some of this season’s biggest trends—and their top five best sellers speak to the need to have both. If you’re looking for some new jeans to try out this autumn, look no further. Keep scrolling to see the brand's five most popular denim styles this season and shop them below. 


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