Everyone's Favourite Danish Brand Has Launched Denim—and We're Not Worthy



We already love Ganni for its cute dresses and fun patterns, but now we have yet another reason to obsess over the Copenhagen-based brand. Ganni has just launched denim at Net-A-Porter, and it’s just as good as you’d expect. No fan of conformity, Ganni’s denim collection is unlike any we’ve seen before—in the best way possible. 

Playing with proportions, the denim line features super-cropped jackets and very flared jeans. Worn together, these unusual silhouettes somehow work magically to balance each other out. The denim collection also features a number of surprising hues in addition to the typical blue and white. Yellow, orange, and pink all make an appearance further reaffirming that colours are trending right now.

Perhaps the real star of the show, there’s also a rogue skirt thrown in the mix. And it’s not the classic mini jean cutoff style. Rather, the silhouette is similar to the line’s wide leg jeans. Ganni is already a favourite of fashion girls all over the world, so we predict it’s only a matter of time before we start to see these pieces everywhere. We can’t imagine a better collection to come into existence for autumn, and this news makes us a lot more excited for the impending cold weather. Shop our favourite denim pieces from Ganni below.  


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