This Zara-Endorsed Feminine Trend Will Be Everywhere in 3 Months

Allyson Payer


This spring, the buzz about pink has been deafening. Everyone from Zara to Gucci is obsessed with it, but we're here to call out another feminine trend that Zara is strongly advocating for in the coming season.

You know spring is on the horizon when gingham inevitably reemerges. You could argue that the print is more of a classic than a spring trend, but the scale at which Zara is endorsing it right now is definitely noteworthy. We counted more than 20 gingham pieces currently in stock—tops, trousers, dresses, matching sets, and even shoes are all present and accounted for. And it's worth pointing out that Zara has dreamed up the "fashion girl" version of the classic print. In every case, it's combined with other spring trends like ruffles, statement sleeves, and kitten heels. Not only that, but it also pairs perfectly with denim and a slew of other colors and prints, which might make it the most versatile feminine trend there is. Ready to add some gingham to your closet, courtesy of Zara?

Shop our gingham picks from Zara below! 

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