This Is Officially the Most Photogenic Trend at Zara RN

Lauren Eggertsen

Meet Lauren, Who What Wear's fashion editor and co-founder of The Devils Wear Zara. Lauren is so obsessed with Zara that we started calling her the Zara Scout. Now she's turning the nickname into a franchise so she can regularly share her insider knowledge of the brand, including all her hacks, secrets, and must-haves with you.

Thanks to The Devils Wear Zara (a Zara-dedicated IG account run by my BFF and me), I am able to get an inside look at the pieces people are actually wearing from the fast-fashion retailer. And we aren't talking about just influencers here; the people who tag us in their photos fall everywhere on the spectrum from mother to blogger to your co-worker. About once a week, I like to do a deep dive in our tagged photos section to see what everyone is wearing, and this week, there was one print that continuously jumped out at me as I scrolled—snakeskin.

The print is somehow loud yet subtle at the same time. Similar to leopard print, it can be treated as a neutral, allowing you to mix it with everything from stripes to bold colours. In every single photo posted with this print trend, I was more and more blown away by just how eye-catching it was. The nature of the print looks so expensive in every shot even though most of the pieces the ladies ahead are sporting are under $100. OK, so let's recap: Photogenic? Check. Affordable? Check. On trend? Check. I'm running out of reasons you shouldn't invest in this trend.

If there's anyone who knows how to style this massively popular Zara trend, it's the loyal followers of The Devils Wear Zara. Below, check out some of their stylish outfits incorporating the photogenic trend and shop my favourite snakeskin pieces available at Zara now.

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