Our Editors Wore Zara Every Day at Fashion Week—See the Pics

Fashion week is a wild ride from start to finish. First come the invitations and scheduling process, then comes the outfit planning, and then comes the actual attending of the dozens of runway shows, presentations, and parties. It sounds like a lot because it is, but we love it. And if we're being quite honest, one of the most exciting components of this whole shebang is picking out what we're going to wear each day.

While it's definitely fun to call in a handful of designer pieces we've been eyeing, we'd be lying if we didn't admit to popping into Zara to grab a few items we know we can wear to fashion week and beyond. It just so happens that this season, our entire Who What Wear team ended up wearing Zara every single day of fashion week. You heard me—every day. Whether it was go-to shoes, a statement bag, or a last-minute on-trend item we just had to have, Zara came in clutch for our editorial team this NYFW, and we have the pictures to prove it.

Ahead, find out which Zara pieces our editors wore during NYFW.