Surprise: You Probably Missed Who Wore Zara to the Oscars

Aemilia Madden


Come Oscars night, we expect Hollywood A-listers to walk the red carpet in swoon worthy gowns from top designers that run from Armani to Versace. But one brand you may not have expected to make an appearance: Zara. The fast-fashion retailer is a favourite for its affordable, trend-forward designs, but this year it's making an award season appearance that while easy to miss is an especially important one.

Browsing the red carpet photos from the evening, it might be easy to overlook Zara's appearance, but we're here to let you in on the secret. Zara teamed up with the Academy Awards to dress the staffers working the event. The brand shared the news on its Twitter account, writing "Zara is excited to have collaborated with @TheAcademy to dress the team backstage at tonight's Oscars."

In total the brand dressed around 150 female employees in three dress styles that were designed and created specifically for the event. The styles range from a structured tuxedo-style maxi to a ruffled black dress to a belted navy blue style. See all three below, then shop similar dresses for your next big event.

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