The Lines at Zara Are Annoyingly Long, so We Found the Most Fire Pieces Online

The Best Online Shopping Picks at Zara



A few weeks ago, Zara released a new collection, and let’s just say, we’re impressed. From bold, bright-colored numbers to quirky, uplifting prints, Zara is bringing that newfound energy we’ve all been craving this summer. And it’s not just us. Everyone’s been buzzing over the brand’s latest arrivals, and if you have visited your local Zara store, you’ve likely been waiting in line for longer than desired. While the return of in-person experiences has been quite enjoyable, one thing we have not missed is stagnant shopping lines. 

Fortunately, just about everything you can find in-store can be found online, even the stunning new pieces. We’ve curated an edit of the 36 prettiest fashion items from Zara to buy in a click of a button in the same amount of time it would have taken to maneuver to the front of the line. Trust us; you don’t want to sleep on these items just because you dread a queue. Keep scrolling to discover the most fire Zara pieces right now that would’ve been worth the wait anyway. 

My colleague called this out as the cutest Zara dress, and I agree with her.

’Tis the season of the white dress.

We would like this top in every color, please. 

Behold, the perfect pair of straight-leg denim. 

Straw hats + drawstrings = perfection

The one-stop shop for earrings.

Pink is the color of the season.

Proof that flared pants can uplift your spirits. 

You can’t go wrong with a cutout. 

Can we make basket bags a year-round thing? 

Suddenly, our closets are teeming with color. 

The ultimate at-home (and beyond) shoes. 

Your next go-to for upcoming vacations. 

We will be living in these shorts for the remainder of the season. 

We’re calling it: Emerald green is the It color. 

Try pairing all of your favorite bold, bright colors to create an electric ensemble. 

A bright-red dress never looked so good.

All wedges aren’t created equally. These are supreme.

A little wrap skirt is perfect for these hot temps.

I just might need to pounce on this pretty pink dress.

This feels very south of France.

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