The $90 Zara Dress You'll See at Every Party

Lauren Eggertsen


You know those Zara pieces that literally everyone buys? Yet somehow you don't care if you show up wearing the same thing as the girl standing next to you, because the item is just that good? Well, we've found yet another one of those famous Zara items, and this time, we're calling it—every party will have at least one of these silvery confections (coming in hot at only $90).

How do we know this? Here's how—when the dress dropped in the new arrivals section earlier this week, it sold out of almost every size within hours. We are in full support of this forward and festive silver wrap dress for more reasons than one, and we think you will be too.

Unfortunately Zara online isn't available in Australia (yet!) but keep scrolling to see the popular Zara party dress you're bound to see at a handful of parties. 

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