The Zara Ballet Flats You'll Wear With All Your Skinny Jeans

Lauren Eggertsen


Hey, it's us, reporting on yet another must-have Zara  item. This time, we are here to inform you of the beautiful new ballet flats that arrived just a few days ago. While these shoes will most definitely look good paired with a large portion of your closet, we are here to suggest one clothing item in particular—skinny jeans

Our reason for the shoe/jeans is this: Skinny jeans instantly become more flattering when worn with shoes that have a pointed toe, just like these flats do. Not to mention, the semi-sheer lace on the shoes will allow a little more skin exposure, ultimately elongating the line of your leg even further. Lastly, we need to quickly discuss the rich navy blue colour. What better shade to have on hand to wear with denim of all shades including light-wash, black, and more. 

Pop into Zara to shop the ballet flats we think would look perfect with skinny jeans.

peep the flats:

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