An Insider Tip for Snagging a Pair of Yeezy Boosts

Mary Peffer

Calling all Yeezy fashion fans! That's all of us, right? The sold out Boost 350 sneakers designed by Kanye West are being re-released tomorrow morning in what is bound to be a Hunger Games-style shopping frenzy.

As Stylecaster reported, the limited restock in black is happening at midnight tonight on Pump the breaks before you offer to shop a pair for your bestie. Those customers lucky enough to land a pair before they sell out are only allowed one each. May the odds be ever in your favour!

Keep scrolling for a closeup of the Yeezy x Adidas Originals sneaker in black and peep a new photo the brand just posted of more colour-ways!


A photo posted by Julia K. (@maffashion_official) on

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Will you be one of the many shopping Yeezy Boosts tomorrow? Tell us in the comments! 

Opening Image: Getty/Timur Emek

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