Women Own 4-5 Pieces Of Clothing They Can't Wear, Study Says

So, we know all of us are a little bit guilty of holding onto some items in our closet that we really shouldn't. However, a new study from Yahoo Style revealed just how extensive the habit really is. As a part of its #PowerLook campaign encouraging women to celebrate their bodies, the company released some exclusive statistics on how women perceive their body and size. It turns out that on average, women own 4 to 5 items that no longer fit, but hold onto them anyway with hopes of them fitting in the future. Those are items you can totally toss. Well, the study uncovered plenty of other surprising facts that help to illuminate the complicated relationship between women and clothing sizes, so be sure to click over and check out the full story

In the meantime, check out some of our best tips and tricks on tailoring your clothes to fit you just the way you want. 

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