The Shoes We Never Wear With Cropped Leggings

Allyson Payer


It's officially (ok, unofficially) cropped-legging season. In other words, it's simply too hot for thick full-length leggings. So just like you (and our favourite legging-loving celebrities), we're reaching for cropped leggings more often than not these days. But with cropped leggings comes a whole new set of challenges: Given that they often cut your leg off at an awkward place, it's safe to say they aren't the most versatile when it comes to shoes that complement them—at least in the eyes of our editors. While we certainly stand by the "to each her own" philosophy, in case you're faced with a cropped legging–and–shoe pairing conundrum, we're here to share with you the shoe styles we avoid wearing with leggings (and what styles we turn to instead). So without further ado...

Below, find out which shoes we never wear with cropped leggings, and shop cool cropped leggings at the end. 

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