5 Fashion Trends to Retire Now

Kristen Nichols

Collage Vintage

Yes, 2018 is rolling around in a few short weeks. And with it comes time to revaluate the pieces in your closet that you haven’t worn a while. Perhaps you picked up some trendy items you never got around to wearing or just no longer work into your wardrobe—now’s the time to add them to the donation pile. While you might be clearing out your closet of some pieces, here’s the good news: There are some really cool trends on our radar for next season. A new year is the perfect time to test out rising fashion trends and put some of the biggest pieces from the spring runway shows into rotation. From the colour that’s about to be everywhere to the cool bag everyone’s carrying to the print fashion girls can’t stop wearing, we’ve picked out the most stylish pieces to wear in 2018.

Go on to find out the trends to consider retiring and the ones to start wearing instead; then shop our favourite pieces. And don't forget—at the end of the day, you should really just wear what you love and feel the most comfortable in.

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