16 Seasonless Shoes You Can Wear to Work

Nicole Akhtarzad

While I enjoy some good pair of sandals or winter boots as much as the next girl, what I truly love is a pair of shoes that can be worn across multiple seasons. You know, one that’s neither too “summery” nor “wintery” and can move with you seamlessly from climate to climate with the simple switch of an outfit or addition of socks or tights. This versatility not only brings down your cost-per-wear but also simply adds to your quantity of shoe options year-round.

So now you're thinking, That's the perfect pair of shoes, and while it sounds like nothing can one-up these unicorns, there are actually a couple qualities that, when achieved, make those seasonless shoes even better: comfort and the ability to wear them to work. Sound impossible? Think again, dear reader, because today I've rounded up 16 pairs of shoes that are all of the above. That means nothing too clunky, a range of colours that are neither too light nor too dark, low or block heels (or both), and something perfect for pairing with socks or tights if needed.

Ready to start shopping? They're all waiting for you below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde 

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