9 Effortless Ways To Look Cool In Your Work Shirt

Work shirts: we all have them, but how cool do you look in yours when you’re off duty? (Save answering that for after you read this.) With a little inspiration, you will see that a button-down shirt can be one of the most versatile pieces you own! Plus, a summer-friendly sleeveless shirt can give you the same effect, while keeping you a little cooler. Read on for fourteen ways to breathe some new life into your work shirt this summer and, of course, shop our picks for the best ones! 

1. Pussybow Blouse + Sheer Maxi + Sneakers
Take a  fashion risk by pairing an otherwise dressy outfit with crisp white sneakers—we bet it will pay off. 

2.  Denim on Denim + Pointy Flats
Compliment your denim duo perfectly with a crisp white shirt, and then tie the look together with structured flats. 

3. Extra Long Shirt + Leather Leggings + Colorful Bag
Wear your longest button-down shirt over a pair of leather (or leather-like) leggings and top it off with a colorful bag. Extra points if the shirt is printed! 

4. Off-The-Shoulder Shirt + Pencil Skirt + Mules
A little unbuttoning can go a long way when it comes to a work shirt. Try yours off one shoulder, tucked into your favorite pencil skirt. 

5. Buttoned Up Shirt + Strapless Dress + Moto Jacket
For a street style-inspired look, button your shirt up all the way and wear it under a strapless dress.  Don’t forget the moto jacket! 

6. Overalls + Printed Pumps + Moto Jacket
Give your slouchy overalls a polished look by pairing them with printed pumps, a buttoned-up shirt, and a moto jacket. 

7.  Untucked White Shirt + Navy Blazer + Cream Trousers
By simply leaving your shirt untucked, you can make an otherwise-preppy look seem laidback and weekend appropriate.

8.  Lace Shirt + Pencil Skirt + Statement Necklace
Wear your lace shirt over a pencil skirt (not tucked in) and add a statement necklace, for a put-together look that’s a little bit edgy too.

9. Baggy-Fitting Shirt + Printed Midi Skirt
Choose a colored shirt and pair it with a printed skirt for a well-balanced ensemble. 

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