3 (Very Stylish) Reasons Why You Need to Try This New Trend

Amanda Bardas

Wire frame glasses are about to blow up, and you heard it here first. We’ve spotted them on three very stylish ladies, and you know what that means. Three = trend. Thick plastic-framed optical glasses have been hanging around for a long time, so we’ve been waiting to see what would knock them off their pedestal, and as is often the case when new trends burst onto the scene, this one is the total opposite. The wire frames are dainty, feminine, and don’t take over your entire face, so we can see your beauty shine through.

Keep scrolling to peep them being worn and then shop a style for yourself (and if you don’t need to wear opticals, we won’t tell anyone they’re fake).

Would you wear opticals even if you don't technically need to? Let us know in the comments below!

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