16 Winter Outfit Ideas, Because We've Forgotten How to Dress for the Cold

Every time the weather starts to turn, I panic a little inside. No matter how closely I’ve been following trends, no matter how many bloggers I’ve stalked on Instagram recently, no matter how much I’ve prepared myself for the changing season, I inevitably end up tearing through my closet as though I’ve completely forgotten how to dress. And I know I can’t be the only one. It’s so easy to get caught up in a routine of wearing the same types of things over and over that when the weather prevents it, it really can feel like you have nothing to wear.
Not to worry, though. There’s an easy way to remedy this outfit anxiety, and it’s as simple as considering new ways of styling the new season's trends. To get some inspiration about how to style our winter outfits, we turned to street style images from this season’s most recent fashion weeks. Street style is a great go-to for outfit inspiration because it lets us see how people are actually incorporating this season’s biggest trends into their wardrobes. Keep scrolling to be inspired yourself. 

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