7 Lingerie Trends You Should Know About

Lauren Eggertsen

If there's anything we've learned from lingerie experts in the past, it's that lingerie, just like the rest of your wardrobe, is seasonal. This means swapping out pieces that suit the rotation ahead, in addition to taking note of the rising trends on the block. 

Considering both the practical and the more whimsical elements that winter brings, we have rounded up some of the biggest winter lingerie trends of 2018 with a little help from senior buyer at Journelle Julie McConnell and Jennifer Zuccarini, founder of Fleur du Mal. This includes everything from long-sleeved bodysuits you'll wear on the daily to those three-piece sets reserved for special occasions only.

Trust us when we say the below roundup contains a lingerie trend fit for every style type, so sift through wisely with your gifting list in mind.

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