The Designer "Ugly" Shoes Women Pay a Premium to Wear

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Yep, we’re here to talk about “ugly” shoes again. Regardless of your views on “dad” sneakers, the population at large is apparently very much for them. Yep, we recently tapped the experts at luxury consignment mecca The RealReal to pull data on the designer shoes in general that people pay a premium to own, and a pair of “dad” sneakers took the cake.

“Luxury sneakers continue to dominate the resale market, with the ubiquitous dad sneaker still reigning supreme,” said The RealReal Chief Merchant Rati Levesque. “Waiting lists skyrocketed this past year for cult styles like the Louis Vuitton Archlights, Alexander McQueen Larry Low-Top Sneakers, and the Balenciaga Triple S, which is still selling for 10% above retail on average.”

So, there you have it: It’s the multicolored Balenciaga clunksters that people will drop serious cash for in the resale world, because they often sell out elsewhere in a range of sizes. For reference, the sneakers cost around $895 on average, but go for upward of $995 on The RealReal.

What do you think of the sneakers? Do you already love them? On the fence? Well, if you’re looking for inspiration to possible make them your own, keep scrolling to check out how fashion girls are wearing the kicks now. Plus, shop the “ugly” shoes on The RealReal, along with other silhouettes worth considering now.

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