Why It's Important to Embrace the New Crop of Designers Popping Up in Australia

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WHAT: Double Rainbouu at MBFWA '17

Fashion Week Australia is arguably the most important event for the Australian fashion industry. While it might not garner as much international attention as fashion weeks in New York, London, and Paris, it deserves our attention and recognition for the platform it has created, and will continue to create, for rising Australian fashion designers.

Over the years, Fashion Week Australia has introduced a number of designers who have gone on to become household names both here and overseas. Camilla and Marc, Zimmerman, Ksubi, Sass & bide… each of these brands launched at Fashion Week Australia, so why has the collective attitude towards the event become so blasé? Based on these designers' renowned successes, Fashion Week Australia has empirically proven to be an amazing platform for up-and-coming designers; and that’s something that should be welcomed and celebrated.

If Australian fashion is going to continue to find success internationally, support starts at home. And with a lineup featuring so much widespread talent, who wouldn't want to get behind a new generation of design?

This year’s Fashion Week Australia has some of fashion’s biggest up-and-coming names to boast for 2018. From famous designers alice McCALL to Camilla, this year’s fashion week schedule is packed full of talent, including some noteworthy newcomers who are sure to influence fashion internationally in coming seasons. Take BLAIRARCHIBALD and Thomas Puttick, for example, both brands which have been awarded the prestigious Woolmark Prize. Or Deadly Ponies, the leather-centric accessories label started by New Zealander, Liam Bowden. And what about those baggy pants your favourite celebrities and Instagram influencers have been sporting lately? We have the buzzy I.AM.GIA to thank for that, which has built up a particularly impressive cult-like following after launching only last year.

Needless to say, there is a lot to look forward to this year at Fashion Week Australia; and while fashion weeks always beg the question of how relevant runways are in this digital age, the success stories leave us rest assured that it's a worthwhile endeavour. Thus, let us all embrace Fashion Week Australia, and see it as a chance to discover the next shining star in our industry. Fashion Week Australia is an amazing opportunity for us to embrace the art, culture, and creativity of our local talent. Only in fostering our own designers and their individuality can we continue to grow and evolve the Australian fashion scene. So it’s time to applaud our fashion at home, and chances are, the world respond with a standing ovation.

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Christopher Esber Button Trim Ribbed Long Dress ($790)

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