The Secret Reason This One Hermès Bag Is Over $110,000

Erin Fitzpatrick

When it comes to expensive handbags, Hermès usually takes the cake for the highest price tags. (The bags are, after all, a better investment than diamonds.) We all know that the iconic Parisian house churns out some big-ticket items, but what exactly makes some of them so wildly expensive? Ahead of a major Christie's handbag and accessories auction set to launch tomorrow, British Vogue tapped Christie's handbag expert to get the scoop.

In addition to the usual reasons that drive up the price—rare materials, handmade craftsmanship—the fact that a certain style has been discontinued makes it all the more valuable. "In 2005, Hermès used a specific metallic chévre leather for one season only," British Vogue reports. "For that reason, any bag in this metallic finish fetches fantastical prices. A metallic chevré leather Birkin bought new in 2005 for less than €10,000 ($11,787) sold at Christie's in Hong Kong in November 2017 for €100,000 ($117,867). Tomorrow's sale features a metallic Constance from 2005, which is expected to reach a top price."

Scroll down to see the metallic bag in question, as well as some of the other stunning Hermès bags up for auction at Christie's.

Opening Image: The Style Stalker

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