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Spring trends 2022


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Spring is almost here, and editors have a lot to say about the biggest trends of the season, which is why they’re discussing them on this week’s podcast. While there is a lot to break down from the S/S 22 collections, Who What Wear’s very own editors are guests to discuss all of the fashion trends you need to know about right now and the key pieces to buy.

They're breaking down the top four trends from the S/S 22 collections and the designers who are nailing them, the newest takes on suiting, and the trends loitering from last season that are still worth the investment. Listen in as Hillary is joined by Editor in Chief and Creative Director Kat Collings, Market Director Bobby Schuessler, Editorial Director Lauren Eggertsen, and senior editor Kristen Nichols. And for some excerpts from the episode, keep scrolling. 


Miu Miu

I want to talk about some of the internet-famous items that we're going to see. Anything that you think will have a big splashy moment this season, things that we're going to see on all of our favorite trendsetters and tastemakers, things we're going to see on covers and shoots. Basically, the pieces that are going to get all of the media coverage.

Kristen Nichols: There are so many internet-famous pieces that we need to talk about. And first, I have to discuss the Miu Miu pleated micro skirt.

I think, at last count, there were like seven or eight covers that featured versions of this that I've seen.

KN: Oh, yeah, it's in every editorial shoot, landing on all the covers, and it's launched a thousand memes, so you've probably seen it or some version of it somewhere. And I think one of the reasons that this has gone so viral is not only was Miu Miu one of the most talked-about collections of this season, but it's really hitting on that skin-baring micro-mini hemline that has been season-defining and is giving us Y2K nostalgia. And of course, it's bringing in this element of fun that ran through all the spring collections.

Are there any accessories that we should have on our radar? Things to keep our eyes peeled for?

KN: Accessories are one of my favorite categories, so I always have my eye out for them. And right now we're calling some of the key accessories of the moment "clickbait accessories." They're really just these conversation-starting pieces that are head-turning whenever you walk into a room and are definitely gonna land on your Instagram feed at some point. And the first one I need to talk about is a bag that actually hasn't even been released yet, the Chanel Heart bag, which we saw on the S/S 22 runways. I was recently chatting with Gabriel Waller, who is a personal shopper who has celebs like Hailey Bieber on speed dial to track down the cool items of the season. And she mentioned that this is already one of the most-requested styles for 2022, even though it hasn't launched. So I guess right now is the time to get on the waiting list for this one!

KN: And then kind of on the opposite side of the spectrum, I want to dive back into the low-key luxury trend. The Celine Triomphe bag is really the perfect example of how we're seeing this play out among fashion people who recently have been leaning more into investment bag purchases. And the Triomphe has really taken off in the last year and has become so popular that now Celine is dropping new takes on it each season. Already for spring, we're seeing there's a new chain-handle version that I expect to see everywhere.

Any other bags that we should know about?

KN: The last bag I want to talk about is the Balenciaga Le Cagole bag, which is really this resurgence of the aughts. It's an updated take on their iconic motorcycle bag from the early 2000s, which you'll probably remember celebs like Ashley Olsen and Kate Moss carrying everywhere. And it's already one of the most talked-about bags of this season. It's finished with the same iconic grommets and tassels of the original. But instead of the two handles, it now has a shoulder strap. So it's like the little sister to the OG bag, and it's really just confirming that Y2K and the aughts are back and they're here and having a moment.

Wait, is this the neon bag that we keep seeing in the Kim Kardashian ads in that campaign?

KN: Yes, exactly.

Bobby, what about you? What do you think?

Bobby Schuessler: I'm going to basically just talk about sneakers. I'm into sneakers. So like, that's what I'm here to do. First, sneaker collabs—some might call them hot-AF sneaker collabs. Most noteworthy would be the Miu Miu and New Balance collab. Super cool with the fringe detail. The editors on the team love that style. Super excited that we're going to be seeing so much more.

BS: A few weeks ago, Prada and Adidas launched their collab, which was fantastic. Now, this is a preview for fall. But the Gucci and Adidas collab is to come, and I bet we're going to start seeing that literally everywhere like the Adidas Gazelle sneaker with the Gucci logo. I mean, it's just everything. The bamboo bag, okay, I'm going to talk a lot about bags, not sneakers, but the bamboo bag with the Adidas logo. It's just like all I want and all I'm thinking about, to be honest.

I feel like Gucci has really been so thoughtful in the way that they've done some of these collaborations, like the collaboration with Balenciaga where it was mashing up classic Balenciaga silhouettes with iconic Gucci prints. That was so cool. And unusual to see that level of collaboration. I feel like for so many years, everyone's stayed in their own lane that it actually feels quite fresh to see these giants working together.

BS: It's so fresh. I immediately ran and bought one of the Balenciaga x Gucci wallets, and it's my go-to wallet right now.

Any other collabs? Any other shoes that we should know about?

BS: I'm gonna continue on the New Balance front. So retro sneakers, I think, are the sneaker trend for the last few seasons. Especially noteworthy going into spring again, the 550 basketball sneaker from New Balance is the moment. It's literally everywhere. I think every single person owns it except for me because honestly, they're very challenging to get. I've been trying. So it was originally released in like 1989. Aimé Leon Dore did kind of the first collab recently, and New Balance has been releasing new colorways. And, I'm not kidding, I have the notifications to buy them when they drop. And the most recent one was for the orange pair, literally went on site, couldn't get through. And then it was like, "You're number 10,000 in line." It was a lost cause for me. They're on StockX. I haven't done it yet. But that's the goal because, you know, they're crucial for my wardrobe.

I love this for you. 

BS: And they're a great price point. They're like $100.


Okay, so let's talk about some trend shifts. So what are some of the trends of seasons past that designers are moving away from, and what are they leaning into instead? If you want to look very 2022, what are some swaps in your wardrobe to consider?

Kat Collings: I've got a swap for you.

Yes! Tell me.

KC: Okay. Leather blazers, you know, they're everywhere. Probably most of us on this call have one, regular leather, vegan leather in every color. We've seen them; they're fine. But what is more exciting right now is a moto jacket.

Finally. It was our first story on Who What Wear in 2006!

KC: Yes, we've been there! But what's different this time around? It's a little bit more relaxed. That first story on Who What Wear… I think it was more of a shrunken moment. Prada has shown one for spring that has become the moto jacket. It's nearly $8000 unfortunately.


KC: What you get for that is perfectly distressed leather and little product triangle pulls on all the zips, which is really cute.

And the good thing is a ton of brands are doing them at more affordable prices. Levi's makes a great faux-leather moto jacket, Topshop too. So, you know, they're accessible at a range of price points.

So we have our jacket situation figured out. What else should we be looking for?

KC: Okay, I'm gonna move to skirts. This shift for the season is that minis or maxis are greater than the midis. So we're committing with skirts. It's one way or the other, no more of this middy BS. I'm joking. I still wear a midi. It's a great length; we know this. But if you want to look especially relevant, you've got to pick your fighter between the minis or the maxis.

To me, minis have more of that 2000s energy; maxis have '90s energy. So pick your decade, and let your skirt follow accordingly.

Lauren, do you have anything or any ideas about things we should put on hold and things we should resurrect or lean into?

Lauren Eggertsen: Yes, I do. This is one that I'm just going to preface: I look really bad in this trend. But a lot of people look really cool! So it's definitely not for everyone, but sporty sunglasses are really the moment if you wear those over your smaller frames that have been kind of on the outskirts for a while. You really just prove instantly you know what's cool, especially because they're a very odd shape often. Think the Oakley sunglasses your dad had in bulk growing up. Maybe even glasses you could get at a gas station on the little carousel. Some of them are super polarized, some of them have the plastic on the top and then [are] rimless on the bottom. What used to be just Oakley and Nike—which are still really cool; fashion people are wearing those and buying those brands now—but also brands like Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta are turning out these very forward shapes that are really just a reflection of those sporty, running, athletic glasses. I feel like [Who What Wear editor] Eliza Huber is the perfect spokesperson for this trend. She is so chic, and she wears them all the time with everything, and she makes me wish I looked good in them. 

I feel like sunglasses are one of the easiest ways to update your look for a season without a huge commitment. Yes, you could buy the designer version, but there's always a version at a very reasonable price point. So you can dip your toe into that, see if you like it, and then either commit further or just say like, Hey, I'm just trying this $5 version.

LE: Totally. Even as a fashion editor, that's kind of how I approach trends. I love trends. I love jumping on them quickly. It just brings me so much joy. So if there's ever something that is a little bit riskier for even just my personal taste, like a sporty sunglass, exactly to your point, I'm going to maybe just look on Amazon for a pair that I can try out, and if it doesn't work, I didn't spend too much time or money investing in it.

What about silhouette and fit? Do you have any thoughts on that?

LE: Many thoughts, and again, to preface this, this is just if you want to look a little bit more forward in 2022, this is how you should approach it. But oversize is always going to look cooler this year over a super-slim fit. There is definitely a time and a place for slim-fit pieces. So not saying they're out, not saying you look dated if you wear them. But I would say when it comes to things like jackets, classic shirts, and trousers, specifically, you will look very current if you size up or read the description, if you're shopping online, that it has a natural oversize fit. I love a slouchy trouser. That's a huge trend we saw for spring. So even something that is meant to be really tailored—maybe it has a pleat, it has a strong leg, something that puddles a little bit on the ground and maybe does hang a little low-rise on your hip and looks like you ordered the wrong size—that's kind of the look.

Does this trend cross over into denim? Into jeans?

LE: Yes, I think this definitely translates into denim. I know, Hillary, you have some thoughts about the low-rise silhouette, but a baggy jean doesn't have to be low-rise. If you want to upgrade your classic straight-leg fit, that same silhouette but just a little bit more relaxed is definitely really trending. Across the board, it looks really, really chic to have a more relaxed fit. It looks really good and polished even with a pointed toe. You know, a mule or a strappy sandal in the summer. You will never look unpolished if you style it correctly. Also another crazy denim trend that is baggy… People are wearing cargo jeans and cargo pants again. I know—we don't have to talk about it.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Next up, check out our previous episode featuring makeup artist Doniella Davy. 

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