Editor's Letter: This Month We're Recognising and Celebrating Originality

I’m always asked ‘who do you think has great style?’ and it’s such a tricky question to answer because how can ‘style’ really be defined as great, or not so great? At the end of the day, it’s subjective, and all comes down to personal choice and taste. In my view, a better way for us to think about the concept of great style is by championing originality. The digitally-connected world we live in means anyone can have a voice or profile. We’ve never been so inundated with inspiring images and different iterations of style as we are today. While all of that is fantastic—I for one spend hours upon hours scrolling through all of those inspiring images—my feed is starting to look a bit same-same. I’ve come to the conclusion that the pages I follow are a reflection of my own taste and style, but what that means is I'm only seeing a certain ‘look’.

This month on Who What Wear Australia, we’re recognising and celebrating originality. The women all around the world with truly unique style. I know I’m not the only one who feels a little uninspired at the moment—it tends to happen as we power through the last month of winter and our outfits are hidden under heavy coats. As you start to think about your next-season rebirth, think about refreshing your Instagram feed and follow some women with style that feels wildly different to your own. I love to wear jeans and simple turtlenecks, but really, how many similar pages can I really follow before it all starts to feel like white noise?

In case you have no idea where to start, I’ve rounded up some of the Instagram accounts I’ve recently unearthed and because I know you love to shop, have tracked down some new-season buys that don’t feel like they’re already taking over your Instagram feed.

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