I Never Pay Full Price for Jeans—Here's Where I Shop

Amanda Stavropoulos

Confession: I’m addicted to buying jeans. They take up the most space in my wardrobe, and I wear them five out of seven days a week (I save two days for the other fashion treasures). Jeans are my weakness—from classic tapered styles, to trend-driven pieces, it’s easy to justify a reason to add one more pair. Blame it on fashion editors like Emmanuelle Alt, or Mira Duma—they’ve taught me countless ways to dress denim up or down, but still look effortlessly chic—I.e. my ultimate style goal.

My denim pile almost reaches the ceiling (I keep my jeans folded in a decorative stack next to my clothing rail), and would be significantly smaller if I was paying full price for my growing collection. My secret is to always snap them up on sale, and there are four websites that always have the best selections and discounts.

Keep scrolling to discover my denim-shopping secrets.

Where do you shop for denim? Share in the comments below!

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