Where to Buy the Coolest Bathing Suits, Period

Lauren Eggertsen

Summer 2018: We're still waiting for Drake to write a song about it, so while we wait, we might as well find out where to buy the coolest bathing suits instead. In case you haven't noticed, the editors here at Who What Wear (particularly this one) are madly in love with swimwear. We are constantly on the hunt to find the most under-the-radar, most Instagrammed, and overall coolest bathing suits—period—and present them all to you.

Today, we did exactly that, so the next time you ask yourself where one buys the best bathing suits this year, you can turn to this article and let out a sigh of relief. In true fresh-brand-obsessed fashion, we included a heavy handful of the swimwear brands we're absolutely fawning over this year. Some of the names you'll definitely recognise while others might be brand-new—a successful roundup, if you ask us. Ready for the hottest bathing suit shopping destinations of summer 2018?

Now, when all your friends come running to you asking where to buy the coolest swimsuits, you'll have more than enough answers for them. Are you ready for it?

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