10 Things I'm Throwing Away Before December 31

Aemilia Madden

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The state of my bedroom and closet is often a reflection of my state of mind. So when I returned from a recent vacation and my clothing morphed from individual items into a monstrous, obstructive pile, I knew things had to change. I made a commitment to cleaning out my closet—between now and the end of the year, I'm laying out a set of rules to follow in order to cut back and finally cut through all the clutter.

While I've vowed many times to get rid of things I don't wear, it feels like often there's an excuse to hang on to pieces. But this blouse would be great for a big meeting, I tell myself. These shoes may be out now, but what about in a year or two? I've realised that to really tackle the issue, I had to get specific. So I focused on 10 types of items that I can commit to parting with once and for all.

Each category is pretty particular and may not apply to everyone. But for me, each serves as a reminder that these pieces are things I really do not need. It's only in focusing on those items I've voluntarily overlooked that I'll ever be able to make space for what I actually want to wear.

Below, check out my 10 things to throw away, and then shop styles that will stand the test of time (instead of sitting unworn in your closet).

What to Ditch

  • Workout clothes that have lost their stretch
  • Pajamas and undergarments that have any holes
  • Sweaters I bought but haven't worn yet
  • Things that don't fit that I promised I would get tailored
  • Silhouettes that were trendy but don't flatter me
  • Shoes I ruined but kept as "going-out heels"
  • Gifts from my mum I kept to be nice (but would never wear in public)
  • The unacceptable number of tote bags I've stuffed under my kitchen sink
  • Anything an ex once wore that I somehow still have in my possession
  • Custom event tees I've held on to from high school or college
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