Is Your Bra "Dead?" Here's How to Tell for Sure

Lauren Eggertsen

Ladies, I stand with you, not against you, when I say our bra drawers can be a frightening place. What we would hope to see inside this negligée compartment would be bras perfectly aligned in pristine condition, organised by style, shade, and purpose. What we really see is random removable straps all over the place, bras we've had since college, and other scary sights whose details should probably spare you. Cleaning out this drawer that we use nearly every day should be something we do on a regular basis, but for whatever reason, we hardly do at all. Why is that? Is it because we have a strange attachment to our undergarments? Probably not. Is it because we love clutter and being self-destructive? Maybe. Or is it because we simply don't really know when the appropriate time to toss a bra is? Yeah, I think it's the latter.

If there were ever a time to reach out to an expert on a subject, it's now, which is why we tapped Ra'el Cohen, vice president of design and creative of ThirdLove, for her insight on how exactly to tell when it's time to throw your bras away. Because when a bra is dead, it's serving zero purpose, and the last time I checked, bras served a pretty important purpose, no?

To get us started on the quest for a better bra drawer, Ra'el told us this: "To extend the lifetime of every bra that you buy, I suggest rotating between at least three bras in your wardrobe to give each bra a break every so often. I recommend buying new bras every six to nine months, depending on how many bras you’re rotating between." But even when you religiously take that advice, your bras will naturally experience a wear and tear, and below, Ra'el gives us the five clear signs that your bra has passed on. Ready to find out which of your bras are dead and gone according to this ThirdLove expert's test? 

You know what this means? When it comes to navigating the scary waters of your bra drawer, there are no more excuses. If one of your bras shows one of the five signs above, it's time to put it to rest and invest in a new one. Happy cleaning! 

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