Buy Now or Wait for a Sale? How to Make the RIGHT Decision

If you’ve ever found yourself agonizing over whether to take the plunge at full price or wait for a discount, you’re not alone. The wrong decision can lead to buyer’s remorse, especially at this time of year, when sales come and go quickly. To help ease your shopping distress, we’ve compiled seven revealing questions you should ask yourself the next time you’re in a retail predicament.

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If the product is exclusive to just one place, there’s a high chance it’ll sell out and you’ll have missed out. Plus, you can’t shop around for a better price if you only have one retailer option anyway.

Bottom line: Try searching for a discount code for the retailer. Even if there isn’t one available, if you really want the item, don’t wait.

If you’ve stumbled upon the most perfect item ever and can’t imagine a life without it (relatively speaking), the decision should be a no-brainer.

Bottom line: Always spend within your means, but if you have the budget, go for it!

If the piece in question is particularly seasonal (i.e. a faux fur coat or strappy sandals), if you wait for it to go on sale, it may be too late for you to wear until next year. The problem with that? The item could go out of style by then.

Bottom line: Purchase seasonal items early so that you can get enough wear out of them to get your money’s worth.

If you’re on a budget, making an impulsive purchase can set you back in the long and short-term. Even if you miss out on an item by waiting for it to go on sale, it’s better than taking a financial hit by purchasing it full price.

Bottom line: Wait for it to go on sale if you don’t have the budget for it at full price.

If the item in question has potential to be in your regular rotation and the price-per-wear would be high, you might not want to wait. Staple pieces can be hard to come by, so it’s best not to risk missing out.

Bottom line: If it’s a piece that you will wear only occasionally, wait for it to go on sale. If it could be a staple, don’t.

If you’re lusting after a hot-ticket item, take a minute to ask yourself if you just want it because it’s trendy, or because it’s something that you actually want and need in your wardrobe regardless.

Bottom line: If your answer is the latter, don’t wait for it to go on sale. It’ll most likely sell out long before any retailers have the opportunity to mark it down.

We’ve all experienced the torture (again, relatively speaking) of not being able to get a certain item off of our minds. Try as you might to think about something else, you keep pondering about all the places you’d wear it and the happy feeling you’d get if it were yours. Our advice? Put it on hold—if at all possible—and try waiting just a couple days to see if you’re able to forget about it. You’ll have your answer then!

Bottom line: Still obsessing over the piece in question after a couple days? Don’t wait for the sale.

What are your shopping decision-making strategies? Tell us in the comments below!