The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day Dressing

Aemilia Madden

For me and all the other single women celebrating Valentine's Day this year, it's Netflix and seamless that have our hearts. A night in with a fresh-cooked meal (or takeout, no judgment) and a romantic comedy or two is actually a pretty darn pleasing way to treat your number one bae, yourself. All that's missing from the equation is an outfit that fits the bill for the laid-back evening.

To help you answer the always distressing question of what to wear for Valentine's Day, we've rounded up a handful of our favourite cosy but cute pieces, perfect for your laid-back V-Day plans. From ultra-luxe robes (because treat yourself) to extra-cosy sweatshirts, you'll be all set to do the wine and chocolates thing as a true treat to you. Because all the single ladies deserve a night of pampering, and February 14 is just the right occasion.

Read on to shop pieces to help you do Valentine's Day the cosy-chic way! 

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