For the decade's first edition of What Was She Wearing: Answers! we have gathered a truly standout selection of well-dressed fashionphiles. Whether Chloe Sevigny's patterned pants piqued your interest or Jennifer Connelly's Balenciaga display had you drooling, we've got all the information about this immaculately appointed quartet. After all, we are always determined to solve all of your celebrity-clothing questions, and, unlike training for the marathon or cutting out a piece of post-supper cake, this is a resolution we are ecstatic to keep!

Vanessa Hudgens
We could all learn a lesson from the cosy and stylish outfit High School Musical-star Vanessa Hudgens wore on a coffee run in Los Angeles late last week. The singer/actress demonstrated her mastery of smart dressing when she donned a sweet floral frock, patterned tights, and an oversized cardigan

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