What to Wear in Sydney Tomorrow When It’s 35 Degrees

Amanda Bardas

If you live in Perth, you’re probably complaining about how hot it is right now. For those lucky enough to work in air-conditioned offices, it’s not all bad, but the commute is where you suffer.

The best thing to wear when you should really be at the beach and not behind a desk? All white everything. Wearing light colours when the sun is blazing reflects some of the light that would usually cause objects to heat up. Basically, it’s down to science—and we aren’t going to argue with that.

Take your cue from Brooke Testoni tomorrow and go for floaty white pants and a white cotton T-shirt or a simple summery dress. Perfect for a casual (and super-hot) day at work.

Keep scrolling to shop our favourite white work-wear pieces and then cross your fingers for an early finish so you can race to the beach.

What do you plan on wearing to work tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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