What to Wear to Work When Black Is Your Favourite Colour

Lauren Eggertsen

We are assuming you clicked on this story because you hate wearing colour, most of the items in your closet are currently black, and you don't know how to dress for work every day without looking morbid and boring. Correct? In the department of workwear styling, having black as your absolute favourite colour actually works to your benefit, as some of the most classic and beautifully tailored pieces look the best in none other than this beloved shade. 

If you are slightly over your all-black wardrobe but aren't quite ready to welcome colourful pieces into your office attire just yet, the following eight outfits will motivate you to get creative with the items you probably already have hanging in your closet. To get you excited for what's ahead, and what your workwear aesthetic could be should you follow these outfit formulas, think oversize button-downs and cropped flares, long blazers over bomber jackets, and much more.

Keep reading to see unique all-black outfit formulas and shop black pieces perfect for the office! 

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