Take It From the Experts—This Is What to Wear to a Wedding Dress Fitting

Kristen Nichols

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When it comes to finding your wedding dress, you’ll probably want to call in your closest confidantes to share the day with you. But beyond the trusted advice of your family and friends, there are some tricks you can follow for making the whole process a little easier—and it comes down to wearing a few key pieces.

First, bring along a strapless bra. While you may end up wearing a more specialised bra (like a backless of low-cut style) depending on the cut of your dress, a strapless version will work with many of the styles you’ll be trying on. Next, wear seamless underwear. You’ll want the dress to appear smooth, so this fights against against unwanted lines. And if you plan on slipping into shapewear on your big day, you might want to bring that along as well.

Finally, it’s important to bring a pair of heels. They don’t have to be the exact pair but should be around the same height as ones you plan on wearing. Though you can always hem the dress, this can help ensure you find a dress that’s long enough. Here, shop some essentials to wear to a wedding dress fitting.

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