Headed to a Rustic Wedding? Here's What to Wear


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It’s wedding season, and whether your mailbox is filled with invitations or not, there’s a chance that you have at least one of two dates saved in your calendar for festivities. If one of those days happens to be for a rustic wedding, figuring out what to wear is just slightly more complicated than usual.

So, as the age-old question goes, what are you going to wear? A rural ceremony calls for something that's breezy and can handle the outdoors but is still formal enough to be appropriate for the nuptials. To take some of the stress out of the process, we did a little shopping so you don’t have to. From pretty prints such as floral or gingham to billowing ruffles, these dresses will be perfect for any outdoor wedding—rustic or not. Kick off your heels and twirl around on the dance floor all night long, or spend your moments posing in photos with the rest of your friends; these dresses are meant to be seen.

Even if you aren’t headed to a rustic wedding, these whimsical dresses will take you to a warmer place worth daydreaming about!

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