What It Girls Always Wear on the World's Most Luxurious Airlines



While most of us will toil away in coach seats on budget airlines, I was curious to find out what women wear when they're traveling on the best luxurious airlines in the world. My theory: When your airline ticket costs as much as two months' rent, you might be tempted to wear something a bit more polished than you normally would. To test my theory, I tapped stewardesses for their insights and also scoured Instagram to see what It girls wear.

I asked a former Singapore Airlines stewardess named Becky about the outfits she observed on the top-of-the-line airline. "Passengers are very travel-savvy nowadays, so they know how to dress comfortably while still looking stylish," Becky told me. "They don't always dress lavishly (even in first or business class), but they exude class through expensive, elegant accessories like scarves, handbags, etc."

Amy, another former Singapore Airline stewardess, agreed that designer bags are extremely common. "Singapore Airlines provides dust bags in business and first class because many passengers carry designer bags," Amy told me.

Naturally, passengers' style can vary on different types of flights. "Passengers going to fashion cities like Seoul or Paris always look Instagram-ready, even if it means being in full makeup for seven to 13 hours in flight," Becky told me. As for what passengers don't wear on the world's fanciest airlines, Becky offered her thoughts: "Generally, I think people are still sensible when dressing for travel—things like miniskirts, stilettos, or sheer tops are less common compared to staples like jeans, pullovers, and sneakers."

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