How to Dress for a Movie Date in 7 Outfits


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As much as we love a dinner date somewhere fancy, sometimes we love a low-key movie night too—and no, we don’t mean Netflix and chill. There’s nothing like keeping it casual early on in the dating game.

Despite being in a dark theatre for approximately two hours, we're all for putting together an outfit that makes you feel confident (yet comfy). A movie date might be on the relaxed side of the activity spectrum, but that doesn’t mean your personal style has to be compromised.

If you have a movie night planned with your S.O. coming up, we’ve found some of the perfect comfy yet cool looks that’ll work for the occasion. Throw on a pair of stylish trousers and a cute sweater for that intellectual drama, or add a blazer to a pleated skirt for that hilarious rom-com. With just a few simple pieces, you’ll feel comfortable and confident for the entire film.

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