What to Wear for Every Type of Headshot, According to a Photographer


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Depending on your line of work, getting your portrait taken can be a necessary factor of landing a major job or role. And of course when the time comes to update your photo, it can be a daunting task to decide what to wear for your headshots.

Anyone who had to decide what to wear for their school photos remembers how stressful getting dressed for portraits can be. From ensuring not to date yourself with the trends of today to portraying the specific message you want to send to future onlookers, there are lots of little worries that could come up. Which is why we tapped photographer Heather Hooton to provide her professional input for the best things to wear to land the job.

First, determine what your photos will be used for and who your audience is. “If it’s for a corporate job where you’ll be in charge of a lot of people, opt for a blazer or a structured top. If it’s a creative job where you’ll be communicating with a lot of clients, try a more flowy or open blouse,” Hooton tells us. She also shares that it’s important not to date yourself with trending statement pieces, as you’ll ideally be using these photos for years. “Choose classic pieces with a modern flair.”

Hooton also emphasizes the importance of keeping your ensemble simple. “The key is to not distract from your face, so avoid loud patterns,” she says. “The safest bet is a solid color, but if you’re really a print girl, a smaller or subtler pattern. With that in mind, you can still get creative. Hooton suggests that if you’re hoping for a promotion, incorporate your company’s colors into your outfit. Finally, add more depth to your photo with a necklace or two.

Whether you’ve got a big audition coming up, or you’re gearing up for a major promotion, shop some of our favorite portrait-ready pieces that will help you succeed in any role.


Nothing says dressing for the job you want like a power blazer.

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This boxy blazer will make you look so professional but not stuffy.

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Color Top

This pleated top is structured enough but also shows your personality.

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Simple Print Blouse

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Understated Dress

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A simple sweater with an intriguing detail.

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A minimal necklace will add more interest, keeping your photo from looking too flat.

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Let these pieces help you stand out, no matter what you're aiming for.