What Happens to Your Style When You Stop Wearing Jeans

Allyson Payer

I wasn't always a denim junkie. There was a time not long ago when I could go days without missing jeans. But sometime in the past several years, my denim obsession grew substantially, which I think had a lot to do with the fact that I discovered so many cool denim brands and started trading my same old skinny jeans for new styles like cropped flares with frayed hems and high-waisted straight legs. As my denim obsession grew, my denim collection grew as a result. I found that other areas of my wardrobe were neglected and dwindling (i.e., actual pants) thanks to my habit of reaching for a pair of jeans every time I left the house. Which is why I decided to embark on a self-imposed weeklong "denim detox," which I must admit was harder than I'd imagined.

I have much less trouble taking a hiatus from jeans when the weather is warm (thanks, in part, to my pile of denim shorts…) but the week of my denim hiatus happened to coincide with a strong cold front. My reaction? Ugh. It seems silly, but I was actually dreading this hiatus. Of course, I take days off from wearing jeans and try to mix things up as much as possible, but multiple days in a row? I didn't know if I was going to make it. But I did, without a single cheat day, and my hypothesis was admittedly contradictory.

On the one hand, I discovered that I desperately needed to add more non-denim variety to my wardrobe and that these alternate pants styles were much more comfortable than the 100% cotton jeans I typically favour. On the other hand, I came to the conclusion that I should wear jeans if I want to. My reoccurring thought as the week went on was This would look so much cuter with jeans. I definitely think that my style temporarily suffered by the end of the week, especially at its lowest point when I resorted to wearing leggings two days in a row…

Contradictory hypothesis aside, I do think that even just a weeklong denim detox had a positive long-term effect on my style. I realised that I'm clearly in need of more options in my wardrobe (I'm actively coveting these pants as a result, which I've heard are insanely flattering), which may make me want to step out of my sartorial comfort zone more often in the future.

With that, keep scrolling to read about the three stages of my denim detox, and then shop non-denim pants that just might make you want to ditch your jeans more often too.

Is there anything that you need to take a hiatus from wearing? Tell us in the comments! 

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