11 Things to Always Pack on a Business Trip


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Packing for a business trip is arguably one of the most daunting feats as a working woman. When you’re combining both the difficult tasks of keeping your bag light as well as maintaining a work-appropriate (albeit chic) wardrobe, it can make anticipating the upcoming trip all the more stressful. So how exactly does one prepare accordingly?

When you’re travelling with co-workers, attending meetings throughout the day, and getting drinks with clients and colleagues at night, determining which parts of your closet you need to pack into your carry-on is easier said than done. Not to mention that you’re representing the company while you’re away.

To take away any travel anxieties, we’ve found it best to create a capsule wardrobe featuring pieces that can be worn on their own as well as with each other. From wide-leg trouser pants and a tailored blazer to comfortable heels, these pieces will keep you looking fresh, polished and most importantly professional. Check out our business trip essentials now.

Next time you have a business trip in the books, keep these pieces in mind. You can spend less time packing and instead focus on the travelling ahead!

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