What You Should Buy for Spring 2016

Wardrobe space is precious (especially if you live in a tiny Sydney apartment), and if it’s been a while since you decluttered your closet, now’s the perfect time for a spring clean. Plans for the weekend? Cancel them. Use this time to overhaul your wardrobe and prepare for the new season. A wardrobe refresh can do wonders for your mind, productivity, and style. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Spend time going through your pieces, and re-evaluate why they’re there. If there are things hanging that haven’t been touched in over a year, either store them away (if you have the space), or consider selling via a market stall or consignment store, or donate to charity. Use the extra space to fill your closet with new season goodies (we have the top trends that are in and out below, to help!), and re-arrange the way your clothes are stored. Changing up the order of where your tops and pants are hung for example, will help you look at what you own in a different way, and provide some new outfit ideas.

Keep scrolling to discover the trends that are in and out for spring 2016, and shop new pieces to add to your de-cluttered wardrobe.

A long, floor-grazing coat is a must-have silhouette this season. Go for a neutral tone (Kendall and Gigi are huge fans), and wear it over everything from jeans and a tee, to a slinky slip dress for evening. 


A Love Is Blind

Burnt orange is an easy way to add some colour to your outfit.

A waterfall jacket (I.e. a jacket with long asymmetrical lapels) is better suited to cooler weather, and used as a layering piece. As we head into spring, you don't need to be so covered up. Pack this one away until next winter.

Since Céline debuted its V-neck pumps for A/W 16, we've been quietly obsessing. Sometimes it takes a while for a trend to take off, and now it's well and truly here for spring. The low-front makes these heels ultra flattering by lengthening your legs. The best part? As we start to see the trend pop up more and more, they all have a short midi heel. Comfortable and fashionable? We're in.


Liz Sunshine for Street Smith

Leg lengthening qualities + neutral colour = supermodel pins.

There'll always be a place in our hearts for sky-high strappy heels, but for now, leave them aside (until party season), and go for a sleek midi heel instead.

We've been obsessing (and still are) over off-the-shoulder tops for quite some time, so we've been waiting to see what will come next to take over. Enter: Tie-back tops. Wear it casually and opt for a cotton fabric, or make it work for evening with a more structured version. Stay tuned... we expect to see the trend also pop up in dress versions.


Getty Images

This one is sure to sell out so get in quick.

Embroidered boho style tops are perfect for summer holidays and scorching hot days. Until the weather is blazing, hold off from reaching for this holiday style.

Last year, it was all about the button-down denim mini (reminiscent of the '70s), this year, it's the distressed, vintage-style denim mini. Think of it as the summer version of re-worked jeans (which ruled winter).


Getty Images

We can't believe this skirt is less than $100.

Will Australians ever tire of denim shorts? No. They're our national uniform. But, it's probably time to retire the denim shorts that look more like underpants. Not very chic. 

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