If Money Was No Object, Here's What I'd Be Shopping for Black Friday

Amanda Bardas

There's been some backlash this year regarding the Black Friday sales and how it contributes to over-consumption, landfill, and our impact on the environment. My approach to Black Friday is to only shop things I have had in my wishlist for some time. Pieces I know I'm going to wear for the long-haul. I've been working on my personal style for a long time, so I have a pretty clear understanding of what I'm going to wear over and over again. I also have a one-in-one-out rule, so if I buy something new, I sell or donate something I already own. If I shop online, I always choose the eco-packaging option (if the option is available) or opt for pick-up if I'm shopping locally. It's the little changes that will make a big difference one day.

We'll continue to talk about Black Friday on our websites because we know our readers come to us for our expert shopping edits. Our job is to help you shop the best of the best, so every piece you buy is special, loved, and has a home in your wardrobe for years to come. 

While the whole world is frantically shopping today, I'm putting together my ultimate dream wish-list, because realistically the only thing I'll be buying is a Dyson vacuum cleaner—it's been on my list for about six years, and it's finally time to bite the bullet!


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