7 Things I'd Never Wear to a Wedding

Aemilia Madden

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At this very moment, I'm packing a suitcase and getting ready for a wedding out of town (yes, I'm writing to procrastinate). Figuring out how to dress for a big celebration is nuanced to say the least. Depending on the time of year, location, type of wedding, and even the couple's sense of style, the right outfit can be completely different. But after years of attending as a friend, cousin, and even as a plus one, I've figured out a number of things not to wear to a wedding.

Below I've distilled a list of seven things I'd never wear to a wedding (trust me—I've learned the hard way). My rule of thumb: If it's uncomfortable or distracting, skip it. If I'm planning to spend an evening eating, drinking, and dancing, I want to make sure my outfit of choice allows me to enjoy the event stress-free. Read on for the pieces I avoid, along with suggestions for what to wear instead.

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