This Is the Biggest Outfit Mistake You Can Make When Dressing For a Concert

One Teaspoon is one of those brands that everyone is admittedly obsessed with. And while we’ll always rely on the brand’s infamous cutoff shorts for those summer beach days, the latest collection is inspiring us to get a little edgier. Giving off a very rock-n'-roll vibe, complete with studded jackets and patent leather skirts, we can’t help but think that One Teaspoon may be our next go-to when shopping for a concert outfit.

While distressed denim is always in style, this felt like a slightly different direction for the label, so we decided to do some digging for a little insight. Sitting down with the brand’s super-cool founder, Jamie Blakey, we picked her brain about everything from music’s relationship with fashion to this season’s biggest trends. To read her insights including her concert outfit formula (and what she’d never wear), keep scrolling to read the full interview.

Where does inspiration for One Teaspoon’s designs come from?

We have quite a signature look that is unique to One Teaspoon. I would say that the inspiration for each piece is drawn from that signature look. There's an element of rock’n’ roll in there that has been there from the start as an organic thing that happened.

In your opinion, are fashion and music related? If so, how? Do other art forms inspire your designs?

For sure, they're related in a creative way and in the creative process. They're probably more complementary of each other than other art forms. Fashion needs music,and music needs fashion; we both need each other to help communicate what our message is.


Denim is a great go-to for concert outfits; How can you wear it in a way that stands out in the crowd?

It really depends on your look. It's all in the styling of course and how much you want to stand out. I'm a triple or quadruple denim person. This is a great go-to: It feels like a classic 'anti-trend' outfit and seems to be an outfit that stands out. Plus it's comfortable and easy to wear, and if you get hot, you can just keep de-layering, tie it around your waist or throw it in your bag. Your shoes can also determine whether it's dressed up or down.

One Teaspoon’s recent collections look very rock’n’roll. Do you think this look is here to stay forever?

Our look is always very rock’n’roll. I feel rock’n’roll is the underlying mentality that is the heart and soul of One Teaspoon. It's not taken literally...we evolve from season to season just like music does.  

What is one style you predict will be big this coming season?

I'm calling man-style paper bag waist jeans, but in a tailored interpretation as opposed to a traditional five-pocket jean styling. There are so many different ways to explore this. I'm not sure if others will be doing it, but we sure will.

A trend that will never go away?

Denim!  Denim as a fabric is ever evolving. The artisans that distress our denim are more connected to the world than ever before and are becoming more inspired. People are wanting to wear denim in many different ways now, so we're not just restricted to a five-pocket detailing. We're able to explore denim in a more tailored approach. Moreover, denim is a collectable wardrobe entity.


Any tricks for mastering your concert outfit?

I think the key is to always keep it elevated in some way. I think a lot of people take concert or festival dressing way too literally and end up looking like groupies.  Keep it cool.

The biggest mistake you could make when dressing for a concert?

Taking it all too literally is usually where people go wrong.  You have to dress in your own rock’n’roll style, not try and be the performer. Or else, you’ll look like you've come from Woodstock.

One Teaspoon has always been known for its slightly-distressed vibe. What do you think makes the “edgy” look so appealing?

You can style our pieces however you like to whatever your vibe is. I hope our clothes make people look and feel like a cooler version of themselves. We don't fit on a dummy. We fit on real people, and the first question for us is always how it feels. I think that's maybe what's so appealing, as this is a big focus for us and it's something that a lot of big brands can’t imitate.

Your one biggest piece of fashion advice?

Find your own style and keep evolving it. Even if you're not a creative person, you still have a personality and a body that needs dressing. The way you dress should represent your personality.

Your wardrobe needs to be your daily inspiration. If it looks like shit, you're going to reflect that!  Clean it up and sort it out. Set aside a weekend to do it, and try on absolutely everything. Hang your clothes in categories that work for your lifestyle. This way you'll see what your gaps are, and you'll likely find that you don't "have no clothes". You're probably just missing a few key pieces that tie everything together.