The Makeup You Should Buy, According to Your Favorite Handbag

Fashion girls looking to up their makeup game, this one's for you. Finding your signature beauty vibe—the products, looks, and routine that feel most authentically you—can feel like a challenge. That's where this story comes in. We had a powwow between one of Who What Wear's most accessory-obsessed fashion editors and one of our hungriest makeup fiends (that would be me) to put together this guide to the makeup brand you should check out according to your taste in handbagsAfter all, your most-used handbag says a lot about your aesthetic in general. So we used that as a jumping-off point to round up this list of seven popular bags—from an eccentric Susan Alexandra style to classic Chanel—alongside the makeup brands and products that correspond best. Keep scrolling to see which makeup-handbag pairing speaks to you.