A Day in the Life of a Boutique Owner

In the fashion world, no two days are ever the same. Trends and seasons move so fast that we’re constantly stimulated by something new (Like Gucci’s new arrivals, which we can’t stop looking at). For Shannon Thomas, owner of Désordre online store and Sydney boutique (and Who What Wear Australia contributor), every day is a new and exciting adventure.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to own a fashion boutique, wonder no longer. Keep scrolling for Shannon’s detailed account of her day.

Shannon Thomas



"I wake up and immediately check my emails. International accounts are on a completely different time zone and I need to be contactable to coordinate deliveries whilst they’re also in the office."

"Time for the gym! This helps keeps my head clear. I usually do classes at Fitness First or in summer I’ll do the Clovelly to Bondi walk and back."

"Time for breakfast, where I’ll usually pore over a few more emails from home and get ready to head into the store." 

"I either spend the day in my store or I’ll attend sales showings and meetings with brands for new seasons. This is the fun part, where I get to see all of the collections and decide what to stock in the store. I spend a lot of time with my customer and engage with her on social media, so I know exactly what she expects to see when she comes into Désordre. When I’m in store, I really enjoy styling my customers for events and providing a complete in-store experience—it invigorates me to continue doing what I do. It also means I know what my customer wants. I try to offer a bit of everything in terms of clothes, and keep fashion fun and beautiful. I also spend a lot of time merchandising the store, I believe the Désordre merchandising is different from others you see.

When I have some ‘downtime’, I take snaps for our Instagram content. Our content ranges from in-store shots, photos of my amazing staff in beautiful clothes, or flat lays." 

"The evenings are always different. If I’m not spending time with my boyfriend, I use this time to upload product onto our online store—it’s a good time to do it when I won’t be interrupted, and then I’ll upload onto our social channels. I normally spend this time to do the fun stuff like compile orders, keep on top of deliveries and the financial side. So glamorous!"

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