These Are the Pieces That Australian Influencers Wear Again and Again

There’s no denying that we all look to influencers for fashion inspo… after all, isn’t that why we call them “influence”rs? While these sartorially accomplished women are normal people just like us, each with their own personal style, they do seem to be tapped into some sort of insider network, always one step ahead of the next big trend. So to get an idea of which styles we should get behind now (before they’re everywhere), we looked for some common things that all of our favourite fashion girls have been wearing lately. Keep scrolling to see the items that Australian influencers can’t get enough of, and shop our favourites below.

Reliquia Jewellery

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Levi's Jeans

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Rylan Studio Bags

Checked Blazer

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Gucci Belt

Simon Miller Bag

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Yellow Floral Dress

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Poppy Lissiman Sunglasses

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Shop our favourites:

Reliquia Jewellery Wrapping Earrings ($189)

Levi's 501 Skinny Jeans ($127)

Rylan Studio 2.2 Small Aged Cognac Bag ($690)

Reformation Valero Jacket ($323)

Gucci Leather Belt ($645)

Poppy Lissiman Le Skinny Sunglasses ($115)

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