The #1 Place to Shop Jaw-Dropping Vintage Finds

Lauren Eggertsen

Vintage shopping can be trying, but when you find a store that houses every major designer and trend you could ever imagine, the task seems a lot less daunting. The infamous store I speak of in this instance is What Goes Around Comes Around. I had the opportunity to interview one of the founders, Seth Weisser, to pick his brain on all things vintage, how he got his start, and much more. Here, you'll get a peek inside my visit via the photographs I snapped and the incredible conversation I had. Get ready to enter the land of Chanel, Dior, and Hermès. It's dangerous at best.

Shop vintage finds from What Goes Around Comes Around:

Next time you're in New York city, we highly suggest you take a peek inside this marvellous store. Even if purchasing a Birkin bag isn't in the budget right now, breathing the same air as one isn't the worst past-time in the world. 

Opening Image: Collage Vintage

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